Jacqueline Carly

Boston West, MA

Jacqueline Carly is a health, wellness and food nerd. She’s been passionately coaching women to reach their health and wellness goals since 1999 and has loved every minute of it. As a mom, business woman and competitive athlete, she understands the constant competing needs women juggle and how difficult it can be to take care of themselves. Led by her personal journey to heal her own health struggles (hormone imbalances, eating disorder, GI dysfunction, skin issues, etc), working with hundreds of women, and her incessant research, Jacqueline developed an accessible, sustainable, enjoyable (and effective!) approach to helping women optimize their health—with plant-centric lifestyle being the biggest dial mover. Jacqueline is the founder of GetPlanty Nutrition and Maria & Jane, a media company dedicated to inspire and inform women in (or interested in) the rapidly growing cannabis business landscape.