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Ellementa organizes online and face-to-face events worldwide; hyperlocal meetings where women can talk about cannabis wellness and connect with experts and quality brands – like YOURS.

We also produce engaging multimedia content such as podcasts, webinars, lifestyle articles, and product reviews to guide women to quality brands. We then share this content with our audience throughout our private online communities of Ellementa women.

Ellementa’s review and market research labs ensure that our on and offline community of affluent and engaged women are eager to both find out about your products and provide valuable feedback to your brands.

There are many opportunities for your company to partner with Ellementa and reach our community, including events, educational video series, podcasts, advertorial, email blasts, and more.

If your business goals are to reach the coveted female market, reach out. Ellementa knows women and knows how to reach this engaged audience in multiple ways.

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