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Ellementa CA Central Valley (Modesto): Comfort & Joy with Cannabis, CBD & Holiday Fun!

December 15, 2018 @ 11:00 am - 1:30 pm UTC-8

Let’s Talk About: Comfort & Joy with Cannabis, CBD & Holiday Fun!

As we wind down the year, let’s take time to reflect where we’ve been and where we are going. How are you doing? We’re here to support your path to wellness.

Ring in the holiday season with a lively conversation about cannabis and CBD to improve your health – and the health of your loved ones – in the coming year.

Meet other women who are exploring better ways toward wellness, just like you.

Connect with trusted brands and quality products – and do a little last minute holiday shopping!

This month you’ll enjoy a fun holiday vendor theme showcasing local women owned cannabis companies, with cannabis products and will include a raffle with donated products or services.

Overall, join us to take a moment to relax, breathe, and cheer all we’ve accomplished this year. Beverages and treats will be available!

Come celebrate!


Ellementa organizes Gatherings in over 45 cities connecting women with cannabis experts and brands. Learn about cannabis for health, wellness, self-care and caregiving. These are non-consumption, educational monthly events for women/female-identified only. We create welcoming spaces where women can come together to speak openly about cannabis wellness.




Kay Lara: Kay Lara

Kay Lara’s journey with cannabis began in 2016 after she heard the story of a man who leveraged cannabis for treatment with Autism for his son. After completing extensive research, she began self administering CBD oil to her son. She was amazed at the positive impact the CBD oil had not only on his digestion but also with his speech and language. She observed that after taking a dose, he seemed to be more focused and calm. One cannot imagine the joy she felt watching her child flourish. From this experience, she became a cannabis advocate. Recognizing the feeling of peace she experienced from cannabis and creating art, Bam Buddha Lounge was born. The perfect environment for cannabis and art enthusiasts to unwind. They offer instructor led art classes for adults and children. ~Habitually Zenful~

Amanda Soens

Amanda Soens

Amanda is a patient, advocate, and educator of cannabis as a medicine. She has spent years working in the different realms of the cannabis industry and has found education to be where her passion resides.

She moved to California in 2012 from Wisconsin so that she could medicate with cannabis safely. Her research and personal experience has provided her with valuable knowledge and now works directly with growers, manufacturers, distribution, dispensaries, and other educators.

Amanda understands cannabis products fully and now offers private consultations, guiding others on how to make informed decisions from various delivery methods to microdosing, to helping her clients find a regimen that works with their lifestyle.

You can find Amanda sharing her cannabis passion throughout the Central Valley community advocating in many educational events.

Michelle Patino, CannaBlis Yoga

Michelle Patino

Michelle first realized her passion for yoga while taking classes at a local gym in 2008. Her appreciation for the strengthening, yet calming results of the practice convinced her quickly that yoga and holistic health & wellness would be her life path from then on. Shortly after beginning her journey with yoga, Michelle chose to enroll at Modesto Junior College, eventually graduating with honors, earning an Associate of Science Degree in Athletic Training / Sports Medicine. In 2015 she earned her 200-hour certification (RYT-200) from the Art of Yoga teacher-training program in Modesto, CA and has been teaching private and group yoga and meditation classes since 2015.

Michelle’s foray into the benefits of cannabis began in 2015 when she received her first CA Medicinal Marijuana Recommendation to help with her own anxiety issues. Michelle remembers her first experiences in a MMJ dispensary and the overwhelming feeling of ignorance with what to do with all the choices! Through patience and time, Michelle was able to learn the finer points of self-dosing and was thrilled when the opportunity arrived to take a job at a local Modesto dispensary in the summer of 2016. Thanks to extra training from Dennis Hill, career biochemist and local two time cancer survivor, it became Michelle’s joy to specialize in patients seeking natural cancer treatments, as well as first-timers to the dispensary and those with many questions about the physiology of the human Endocannabinoid system (ECS).

Clarissa Belerique

Clarissa Belerique

Clarissa is a local business owner, wife, and mother of three. She has always struggled with anxiety, stress & nerves. After her twins were born, Clarissa’s drive to be a great wife, a patient & caring mother, and juggling work was even more difficult to find an inner balance. That is when she chose to incorporate Cannabis for her wellbeing 12 years ago. Cannabis takes the edge off her nerves helping manage stress at the end of her day.

Cannabis has given Clarissa the balance needed to feel centered, healthy and be a better caregiver to herself and her family. Her passions are plenty, from raising her children, creating culinary delights for her family to educating her customers on new products and their effectiveness.

Shelley Trotter

Shelley Trotter

Shelley Trotter started experimenting with herbs she knew would relieve some of her son’s pain from cerebral palsy. She made a wonderful herbal salve that became a staple in her house and was used for anything pain related. Each batch was shared with family and friends. Those same family and friends started coming back and asking for more. In 2016, Shelley’s youngest son started infusing her salve with a high CBD/THC cannabis oil. That turned an already great product into a super charged pain reliever! She now has a line of products called Peace of Mind, cannabis infused to add to the synergistic effect of all the herbs, to help achieve the desired effect.

Shelley’s cannabis journey has been a roller coaster ride, but she is pleased with the progress her oldest son has made. He sees days and weeks seizure free, thanks to cannabis. He has more mobility and range of motion, thanks to cannabis, and his overall quality of life has improved by leaps and bounds!

Carol Couchman

Carol Couchman is a studying herbalist. Her personal experiences with cannabis led her to become an activist to promote the use of this wonderful plant, along with other plants and herbs, to bring us back to a healthy state of being. Education is a critical part of bringing the healing and health building qualities of cannabis to the public. As the COO of Peace Of Mind, Carol is committed to offering high quality cannabis products to those who are starting their journey to improve their quality of life.

Jessica Tremble 


Jessica Tremble is a entrepreneur, local dispensary owner, mother and wife. She came to the Central Valley as a child, graduated High School, then continued her education from California State University Stanislaus with a BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing.

Jessica is part of the broad diversity of women working in the Cannabis industry. Her goals and passion are building community locally on the much needed education for Cannabis as medicine, responsible recreational use and breaking down the stereotypes and stigmas of the plant.

Cannabis plays a nurturing daily role, not only for her personal stressors but for her husbands pain management as an amputee, the relieving last stages of her grandmother with cancer and a son born with Spina Bifida.
She is active in her community as a volunteer for local organizations, charities and sits on her local Chamber of Commerce and Aquatics Club board. In her downtime, Jessica enjoys cooking with her sister-in-law creating small batch cannabis products from lotions to hard candies.

Jessica embraces the stressful but exciting business of the ever changing cannabis industry and looks forward to what the future holds in 2019 as a Woman Entrepreneur in Cannabis making a difference in her local Central Valley community!


As a 60 year old woman, a wife, mother and grandmother, AnnaMaria Riedlinger has personally experienced the value of the cannabis plant and how it has improved her arthritis, sleep quality and overall wellness. Her contribution to Central Valley locals is to make a difference in the daily lives of women through building a community of passionate cannabis consumers, patients and educators to take part in a new sophisticated dialogue about smart cannabis choices!

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Ellementa Gatherings are non-consumption events. Ellementa does not condone consumption of cannabis on the premises of Gatherings. If consumption does take place at the event or any product is obtained at the event that is consumed after, attendees consume at their own risk and fully indemnify Ellementa, Inc. and its stakeholders from any responsibility. Everyone attending this event or other Ellementa events confirm they are 21 years of age or over and fully responsible for their own actions.

Photo by Lydia Daniller.



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