Can cannabis and CBD help with your fitness routine and fit into a healthy lifestyle. YES.


Women are discovering that using cannabis during their workouts or post-workout can be beneficial in a number of ways. Because you can take in cannabis or parts of the cannabis plants in multiple forms, there are many ways to benefit.


If you are vaping cannabis prior to a workout, it can actually help with motivation and focus. Pick a stimulating sativa-dominant strain and look for some CBD in it to balance out the feeling.

You don’t need to inhale a lot of cannabis to get going with your workout. A little goes a long way to getting you into the zone.

Certain cannabinoids and terpenes can give you a mental energy boost to help get you to the gym. The cannabinoid THCv (Tetrahydrocannabivarincan) can activate your brain and can also work as an appetite suppressant by helping to regulate blood sugar that in turn can affect the feeling of hunger. The company California Cannabinoids produces vape pens rich in THCv. Their vape pens contain 28% THCV, the highest available on the market.


Tinctures are a common way to ingest cannabis and those heavy in CBD or whole plant, hemp-derived CBD can be useful for reducing internal inflammation and promote healing to aid recovery after a workout. A delicious CBD tincture you can take on a regular basis for overall wellness is from Vital Leaf, a “plant-forward” or whole-plant extract in two flavors: Chocolate Mint and Rose Cardamom Vanilla.


Cannabis or CBD topicals can also be helpful for the targeted soothing of your aching muscles and joints after a workout. Look for topicals with ingredients to penetrate more deeply such as oleic acid, terpenes like limonene, and even emu oil. Some CBD topicals also contain arnica, derived from the Arnica Montana plant, known to reduce swelling and decrease pain.

A roll-on is a convenient topical application form for working out and bringing to the gym. (Note: If your product contains THC, know the laws in your area before taking it with you.)

Sweet Releaf specializes in topicals that contain THC to increase it’s effectiveness with a 14:1 THC to CBD ratio plus Ayurvedic oils that help the body regulate its temperature. Their Comfort Dry Oil roll-ons come in a cooling and a warming version. Sweet Releaf’s products can only be purchased in licensed dispensaries in California at this time.

CBD Living offers a broad spectrum CBD roll-on called CBD Living Freeze. In addition to 250mg of CBD per 88mL bottle, it contains Arnica and Tea Tree Oil, two other natural anti-inflammatories.

Best Fitness Activities for Cannabis Use

Not all physical activities are ideal for undertaking when under the influence of cannabis, that is, inhaling or ingesting THC. Safety is a major consideration because one effect of THC can be altered perceptions which include depth perception and that, in turn, can affect your balance.

With low to moderate amounts of THC, these activities can be safe – and you could see positive results in your overall performance and outcomes:

  • Yoga
  • Treadmill, Elliptical, Stairmaster
  • Walking, Hiking, Jogging
  • Biking (off road, away from traffic)
  • Sex (We had to include this. One word: Mind-blowing).

To wrap up, here are benefits of using cannabis or CBD to help before, during and after physical activities:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-spasmodic – reduce muscle spasms
  • Reduce soreness, pain
  • Recovery, aid healing
  • To “Get in the Zone” – focus or relax

As you can see, cannabis – and the cannabinoid CBD – can be enhance your workout in a number of ways. Remember the Motto: “Start Low, and Go Slow,” and if you’re trying THC, don’t operate a vehicle under the influence.

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