Women want to talk about cannabis more than ever before. 

Find Ellementa in Philadelphia, Portland, Atlanta, New York City, Jamaica, and more!

We remember when we started Ellementa: getting women to open up and ask questions about cannabis for health and wellness was a challenge. Online, women didn’t want their name showing up with the word “cannabis” for fear of what people would think, or worse yet, that they might lose their jobs. Offline, they were afraid to show up for fear someone they know might see them.

With the explosion of articles in mainstream media from USA Today and Vogue and custom published magazines like “Women and Weed” showing up at familiar places like Barnes and Noble, it’s no wonder that women are wondering “What can cannabis as medicine do for me and my loved ones?”

Enter Ellementa’s Gatherings: women’s wellness circles happening in 50 cities across North America. Our Gatherings are where candid conversations about peri-menopause and menopause happen and women share what they’re experiencing.

Many of the women attending our monthly meetings are looking for ways to alleviate symptoms such as night sweats, irritability, insomnia, vaginal dryness, painful sex and other conditions that come with aging. Many of them are also experiencing chronic or acute pain or looking to address other health issues that are compromising their quality of life or the lives of their loved ones.

Does any of this sound familiar to you? If so, check out the cities where we’re gathering.

Here are some of our upcoming launches and re-launches with new leaders!

TUE, MAR 12 at 6:30 PM – Ellementa Portland: Why Cannabis Works for Women: Cannabinoids with new leader Dusti Arab.

SUN, MAR 17 at 2:00 PM – Ellementa Jamaica: Cannabis and Women’s Health (Yes, we did just say JAMAICA!) with new leader Nadine Hotat.

SUN, MAR 17 3:00 PM Ellementa DC: Finding the Right CBD Product for YOU with new leader Sacha Cohen.

THU, MAR 21 6:30 PM Ellementa SF East Bay (Walnut Creek): Why Cannabis Works for Women: Cannabinoids with new leader Vicki Breakstone.

SUN, MAR 24 at 2:00 PM – Ellementa Atlanta: Why Cannabis Works for Women with new leader Lucy Holifield.

MON, MAR 25 6:30 PM Ellementa Philly: Why Cannabis Works for Women: Cannabinoids with new leader Laura Geftman.

WED, MAR 27 at 6:30 PM – Ellementa NYC: Why Cannabis Works for Women with new leader Liz Santiso.

SAT, MAR 23 5:00 PM Ellementa Aspen: Aging and Saging with Cannabis The Gallery with new leader Wendy Elkin.

FRI, MAR 29 6:30 PM Ellementa Parker: Why Cannabis Works for Women: Cannabinoids with new leader Colleen Bowe.

SUN, MAR 31 4:00 PM Ellementa Wayzata: Why Cannabis Works for Women: Cannabinoids with new leader Kassandra Kuehl.


photo by Lydia Daniller

What can you do at an Ellementa Gathering?

There are a lot of cannabis events out there now, and we share those with you often. Each type of event has its purpose, and we appreciate all of the opportunities out there to learn and connect. Here are some of the big differences between Ellementa Gatherings and other cannabis events:

  • Ellementa Gatherings are more conversations than lectures with women often literally sitting in a circle for a more intimate dialogue.
  • We focus on the health and wellness aspects of cannabis and CBD, particularly women’s health as we age and our needs as caregivers.
  • We connect you with trust experts and help you discover quality products to enhance your health then give you specifics on why and how they work.

The more we gather to share our experiences and knowledge, the faster we’ll see a shift in the understanding of and acceptance of cannabis as a healing plant and safe, effective medicine.

Looking forward to seeing you!

photo by Lydia Daniller

Attend an Ellementa Gathering near you!

Photos by Lydia Daniller

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