Ellementa CA Central Valley : Women, Sleep Issues and Cannabis

Having trouble sleeping? Maybe it’s stress, maybe it’s hormones, maybe it’s this crazy thing called life. Whatever your sleep issue, plant medicine could help. Join us for a candid conversation about the options available for natural sleep aides. CBD? Ask away. Cannabis? Get your questions answered.

Ellementa Chicago: Cannabis, Sleep, and How to Wind Down in a Wound Up World

THIS MONTH’S PROGRAM: Women and Sleep Issues We are going to be focusing on how cannabis combined with mindfulness can help relax and repair our bodies and minds while we sleep. We will begin the event with a short bit of relaxing stretching,…

Ellementa LA: Women, Sleep and Cannabis

Having trouble sleeping? Can cannabinoids and terpenes help? Whether you can't get to sleep, can't stay asleep or have a restless sleep, learn how cannabis and CBD can be used as sleep aides and which brands work well.

Ellementa San Diego: Women, Cannabis and Getting the Sleep You Crave

Let’s gather to talk about Women and Sleep issues – trouble getting to sleep, trouble staying asleep, stress-related, hormone-related, you name it.

Ellementa Phoenix: CBD and Cannabinoids for Pain and Sleep

Women are using CBD and Cannabinoids for Pain and Sleep. Find out how they use it and why it works.

Ellementa Palm Springs: Everything You Wanted to Know about CBD for Women

THIS MONTH’S PROGRAM: CBD 101 for Women Everything You Wanted to Know about CBD But Were Afraid to Ask. Yes, CBD is legal and useful for health and wellness. But what is it? What forms does it come in? And what does it do, exactly? Learn…