January is about Cannabis and Self-Care

No matter what is happening politically, women are eager to learn more about cannabis - and we're here to provide the best and most relevant information for all of our specific needs.

Denver Gathering on June 7th

We’re excited to announce that both Aliza Sherman and Melissa Pierce, Ellementa co-founders, will be at the first Denver Gathering on Wednesday, June 7 at Postmodern!
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Where is Cannabis Legal?

Remember the 80s? That decade brought us Flashdance, Scrunchies and big hair, and the War on Drugs with the slogan “Just Say No.” Fast-forward to 2017, and state governments are revisiting their marijuana laws and realizing that the ancient…

A New HelloMD Column: Women, Aging, Wellness

I've been writing a new column for HelloMD on topics related to women and aging and how cannabis and CBD can fit into our lives. Both can be healthful supplements and powerful medicine, and understanding why they work so well with the human body is important.

May: Cannabis Wellness Gatherings for Women, Moms

Our Gatherings are focused on women's health and wellness and our roles as caregivers to our loves ones. We talk about how cannabis and CBD interacts with our bodies and brains and what properties they contain that can address some of the big and small health issues we face.



Ellementa Toronto: Women's Wellness and Cannabis Education

Ladies - Let's Talk Cannabis! We look forward to seeing you at the launch of our monthly Ellementa Gatherings for Women. You deserve to feel centered, healthy and heard. Come share wisdom and experiences with other women and learn from…

Ellementa Phoenix: Women, Sex, Libido and Cannabis

Join us at Ellementa Phoenix - a chance for women to talk openly about cannabis for health and wellness with other women and experts. According to recent scientific research, people who use cannabis have more sex. Cannabis and CBD are also…